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Marco de corazones rectangular personalizado


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✅ Our personalized snow globe is made of highly transparent and resistant plexiglass. It has a rectangular shape, which makes it a very stable product in both vertical and horizontal orientation.
✅ The rectangular snow frame has space for a single photo on one side. The images are printed on our digital printing press , with 170 g/m2 glossy glossy paper.
✅ The size of our rectangular snowball is 10x15cm.
✅ Depending on the snowball model you choose, you will find flakes with different shapes inside. When shaken, these remain suspended in the liquid, creating a beautiful effect.

LolaPix’s personalized snow globe

The personalized snow globe is an original detail with which to surprise anyone on special dates: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…

This personalized gift combines the classic of an object that does not go out of style and the novelty and original of personalization, achieving a unique gift with which to make a difference. You can personalize our snow globe with an image for each side.

In addition to the now classic snowball, we have other original models: snowball, heart ball, star ball or shiny ball; and shapes: classic, rectangular or heart.

With LolaPix’s customization wizard, it will be very easy for you to create your own personalized snowball design. In just a couple of clicks you can create that practical gift , with which you will surely make a difference .

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